DirectoryPress 6.0

DirectoryPress 6.0 Beta Version

280 cups of starbucks coffee, 173 ham snadwhiches, 1 roast turkey (under cooked), 64 bags of chrips, endless trips to WC and finally..DirectoryPress 6.0 is born!

Listening closely to feedback and suggestions from customers and the forum community i have really tried hard to improve and enhance the overall structure and functionality of the theme to benfit both website admin and enhance the overall user experience for your loyal visitors.

There are more than 50 new features and website changes found in the latest release which i sincerly hope you will enjoy as well as new child templates which will be revealed with the stable release in Febuary.

Download the beta version Tuesday 17th Jan

As with every software release i like to provide a beta download giving you the chance to test drive the new system and provide feedback before the final release date.

The beta download will be available to all existing DirectoryPress and VIP Club members and can be found in your VIP client area on Tuesday 17th Jan.

Note: This is a beta test version NOT an upgrade or live version, this should be used for testing only.

Beta to Stable Release

Due to the amount of code changes, i invision a period of 2 or 3 weeks before the stable version will be released with is estimated to be the 20th of Feb. As many of you may know i work solely on the development of all the PremiumPress themes to ensure they are developed to the highest standards possible however some bugs are envenitable and the beta version will enable everyone to help bring any kinks to my attention.

Finally..Thank you!

i would like to take this oppotunity to thank everyone who has contributed with feedback and suggestions to help improve my PremiumPress products, myself and my team work very hard to ensure all customers recieve the same high level of customer support and satisfaction and we trutly apprichate your continue support and loyalty.

Kind Regards

Mark Fail

Current Change Log

Template Changes

– Improved speed and performance
– New template structure making it easier to create child themes
– New ‘claim your listing’ feature
– New upgrade existing listing feature
– New FAQ section
– New article section
– New member messaging tools
– New author pages
– Updated listing management tools for members
– New advanced search tools
– New featured sliders
– New package display tabs
– New member account pages

Admin Changes

– New Quick Help system which checks your website hosting setup, wordpress installation and theme setup for basic issues and problems.
– setup tab – Added theme preview to child theme selection
– setup tab – Added customized message in the admin for maintenance mode.
– setup tab – Added registration on/off settings to
– setup tab – Added show/hide ‘powered by’ options
– setup tab – Added customizable Category text + HTML descriptions
– setup tab – Added customizable contact page text + HTML
– setup tab – Added FAQ section for creating customized help articles for your website
– setup tab – Added .favicon icon for browser bar display
– setup tab – Added Advanced search fields setup
– setup tab – Added left/right display for currency code
– setup tab – Added default display order for listings
– setup tab –Updated customize list box for creating custom ‘order by’ values.
– New Member manage tab
– display tab – Added the ability to select all themes to display as 2 or 3 column layouts
– display tab – Added custom widgets for each page
– display tab – Added customizable home page boxes with different content options
– display tab – Added customized footer text
– display tab – Updated Custom text options for gallery page display
– display tab – Update category menu display for left or right sidebar.
– display tab – Updated tab display for visual effect
– display tab – Updated social booking tools
– display tab – Added whole section for creating home page sliders
– submit tab – Updated packages page to allow members to view packages without having to login.
– submit tab – Added option for admin to set max file uploads
– submit tab – Added extra price per category options
– submit tab – Added sidebar text for customized sidebar help display
– submit tab – Updated the custom fields to include a package description and a text caption to explain what the field is for
– tools tab – updated CSV import tool to include post_type and post_status
– payment tab – updated page display for easier management-
– Order tab – redeveloped the orders page with ajax to make finding and updating easier
– Image Manager – Updated the display sizes and number of images per page to make viewing easier.
– Email Manager – Added new email options

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