Directory Scripts for WordPress

Creating your own directory website with our directory script

DirectoryPress is a powerful directory script that will turn any WordPress (version 3.0.1+) into an fully functional,easy to operate, directory website powered and operated by our directory script.

directory script
 What is a directory script?

A directory script, put simply, is a collection of files (scripts) that once combined help you build online websites. Since our collection of files (scripts) are designed for a directory website we’ve called them a ‘directory script’ and once activated help you create powerful directory websites in minutes.

Why this directory script?

There are many directory scripts available online today, some free and some paid, so why use DirectoryPress directory script?

Unlike many other directory scripts online our system is being constantly improved, updated and activly used by over 10,000 clients world wide.

When a script is developed it’s created using the latest technologies available at that time, as we all know technology changes very quickly, so unless you keep your website updated you make yourself vunerable to hackers. DirectoryPress is updated every month and thoroughly tested to ensure there are not bugs, flaws or vunerabilities that could leave your website a target.

Our directory script is also updated to include lots of the latest directory features and business tools that will help you and your business grow.

What’s next for DirectoryPress?

The mobile market is currently booming and we are now working on an improved Mobile application so our users can make the most of the growing trend.

A great benefit or using our directory script is that all theme updates are free, there is no additional costs or fees and all updates can be automatically upgraded via the admin area.

Can I get a discount?

Sure, you can save yourself $10 right now by using the discount code: thankyoumark 


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